Windows System Admin quiz-4


#1. Which of the following share permissions is granted by default when initially sharing out a folder?

#2. You are the network administrator for your company. Recently, one of your users in the accounting department has reported that they were unsure whether a banking website was legitimate or not. You want to configure a utility that will verify whether a website is known to be fraudulent. Which utility should you configure?

#3. Which Groups would have rights to unlock a workstation when the person who locked it is no longer available

#4. Is setting share permissions to Full Control and the manipulating the NTFS permissions a common practice?

#5. You are configuring power settings on your laptop. You configure the laptop to enter sleep mode after a specified period of inactivity. Which of the following will occur when the computer enters Sleep mode?

#6. You want to monitor the CPU, memory, and disk usage on your computer to ensure that there are no bottlenecks. Which MMC snap – in would you load to access System Monitor?

#7. If you wanted to require that a user enter an Administrator password to perform administrative tasks, what type of user account should you create for the user?

#8. What does Disk Defragmenter do to help speed up a slow computer?

#9. You have scheduled a specific program that is required by the accounting department to run as a scheduled task every day. When you log on as an administrator, you can run the task, but when the scheduled task is supposed to run, it does not run properly. You have already verified that the Task Scheduler task is running. What else should you check?

#10. Identify the least practical option to be utilized in a backup scheme:


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