Windows System Admin quiz-3


#1. The latest and greatest applications on the market today are __-bit applications.

#2. Which control panle is used to make changes to your workstation's name?

#3. Which key combination should be held down to select multiple files that do not appear one after another in the Windows Explorer window?

#4. If shreya locks is workstation when she goes to lunch, what users/groups will be unable to unlock that workstation when she returns to his computer?

#5. Where would you go in order to force your users to change their passwords the next time they log in?

#6. Which of the following is not found on the Windows Security dialog box?

#7. Which service is probably not installed if you right click on a folder and "sharing and Security" is not an option?

#8. Windows runs programs within the NT kernel since it makes sense to have the OS crash if an application crashes.

#9. Which of the following is not an applicable share permission?

#10. It is possible to export extensive information on a particular workstation to text file via the System Information utility.


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