Windows System Admin quiz-2


#1. Which of the following NTFS permissions can be applied to specifically allow users to edit existing content?

#2. Connecting a shared printer with Windows Vista requires knowing at least either the IP address and make/model of the printer or the name of the server which the printer is installed on.

#3. The following command fails and does not provide a mapped drive: NET USE\\instructor\apps. You know that the "apps" share exists on the workstation, What is the most likely cause for the failure?

#4. If you want to ensure your Windows OS has the lastest updates, the best site to visit is:

#5. When using Computer Management to create a new account, Windows Forces you to supply a description of the user before you are allowed to create the account.

#6. Which control panle is used to make changes to your workstation's name?

#7. What is the leading theory for what NT stands for

#8. The Windows Security Dialog Box (which contains 6 buttons) is accessed by pressing which key combination when the Welcome screen is turned off?

#9. When conflicting share a NTFS permissions are set on a folder, what is the effective permission that results?

#10. Where can you go to change your password?


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