Windows System Admin quiz-1


#1. Usernames are case sensitive.

#2. NTFS permissions (the security tab) apply to which users?

#3. By default, all files written in WordPad have a .txt extension as part of their name when saved.

#4. What is the minimum sharing permissions needed to add a new file to a network share?

#5. Where would you go in order to force your users to change their passwords the next time they log in?

#6. Which of the following specific NTFS permissions needs to be applied to allow users to do whatever they chose within the folder the permissions are set at and, by default, any subfilder therein?

#7. Which groups would have rights to make a copy of a particular user in order to cross domains?

#8. If I were to remove a DOS application from my computer, I would take the exact same steps as I would to remove a 32-bit application.

#9. If a user forgets their password, an administrator can look up their password for them.

#10. Of the System Monitor memory counters below, which is the primary indicator of the kind of faults that cause system-wide delays?


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