What is UltraVnc software ?

UltraVNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a software application that enables remote access and control of computers over a network. It allows a user to view and interact with a remote desktop as if they were sitting in front of it, regardless of the physical location of the computer.

UltraVNC is based on the VNC protocol, which is a widely used remote desktop protocol. It works by transmitting the graphical desktop of the remote computer over the network and receiving input from the local user, allowing them to control the remote computer as if they were using it directly.

Some key features of UltraVNC include:

  1. Remote control: Users can control a remote computer’s keyboard and mouse, perform file transfers between local and remote machines, and execute commands on the remote computer.
  2. Encryption: UltraVNC supports encryption of data transmitted over the network, providing a secure connection between the local and remote computers.
  3. Authentication: It offers various authentication methods to ensure secure access to remote computers, including password-based authentication and Windows domain authentication.
  4. Cross-platform support: UltraVNC is available for Windows operating systems, allowing remote access between Windows computers. Additionally, there are compatible VNC viewers available for other platforms, such as macOS and Linux, enabling remote access to Windows machines from those systems.

UltraVNC is often used in scenarios where remote support or remote administration of computers is required, such as IT help desks, system administration, and technical support. It provides a convenient way to troubleshoot and assist users remotely, reducing the need for physical access to computers.

Software link :- ultravnc 1420 X64 setup

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