What is TeraCopy software ?

TeraCopy is a utility software designed to optimize and enhance the file copying and transferring process in Windows operating systems. It is developed by Code Sector Inc. TeraCopy is primarily known for its fast and efficient file copying capabilities, aiming to speed up file transfers and improve overall reliability.

Some key features of TeraCopy include:

  1. Faster file transfers: TeraCopy utilizes dynamically adjusted buffers to minimize seek times during file transfers, resulting in faster copying speeds, especially when transferring large files or batches of files.
  2. Error recovery: If an error occurs during the copying process, TeraCopy can automatically retry several times, or it can skip the problematic files and continue with the rest of the operation. It also verifies file integrity to ensure accurate transfers.
  3. File verification: TeraCopy can verify the integrity of files after the copying process, ensuring that the copied files are identical to the original source files. It uses various checksum algorithms to perform these verifications.
  4. Interactive file list: TeraCopy provides an interactive interface that displays detailed information about the files being copied, including file names, sizes, transfer speeds, and completion percentages. It allows users to pause, resume, and skip individual files or entire copy operations.
  5. Integration with Windows Explorer: TeraCopy integrates seamlessly with Windows Explorer, allowing users to initiate file transfers using familiar drag-and-drop operations or right-click context menus.

TeraCopy is available in both free and paid versions. The free version offers basic functionality, while the paid version, called TeraCopy Pro, provides additional features such as file queuing, customizable file transfer settings, and priority support.

software link:-Download Teracopy

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