What is Dexpot software?

Dexpot is a virtual desktop software program that allows users to create multiple virtual desktops on their Windows computers. It enhances the functionality of the standard Windows desktop by providing additional desktop spaces that users can switch between.

With Dexpot, you can create custom virtual desktops, each with its own set of open windows and applications. This feature is especially useful for users who often work with multiple applications simultaneously or need to organize their workflow across different projects or tasks. Instead of cluttering a single desktop with open windows, you can allocate specific windows to different virtual desktops and switch between them as needed.

Dexpot provides various customization options, allowing users to configure each virtual desktop with different wallpapers, resolutions, and icons. It also offers features like window management shortcuts, multi-monitor support, and a taskbar that shows windows from all virtual desktops.

Software link:- Download Dexpot 1.6

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