What is CloneApp ?

CloneApp is a free and portable Windows application that allows users to back up and restore application settings and preferences. It is designed to help users migrate settings and preferences from one computer to another, or to simply create a backup of their existing settings.

CloneApp supports a wide range of popular applications, including web browsers, media players, office suites, messaging clients, and more. The program scans the system for installed applications and their associated settings, and then allows users to select which applications they want to back up or restore.

In addition to backing up and restoring application settings, CloneApp also includes a feature that allows users to create a portable version of an application. This can be useful for running an application from a USB drive or other removable storage device without having to install it on each computer.

Overall, CloneApp is a handy tool for users who want to quickly and easily back up or migrate their application settings and preferences.

Software:– CloneApp

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