What is Audio Router software ?

Audio Router is a software application that allows you to route audio streams between different devices or applications on your computer. It enables you to control where the audio from specific applications or sources is played, such as redirecting audio from a particular program to a specific output device like headphones or speakers.

Audio Router is particularly useful in situations where you want to separate different audio sources and direct them to different destinations. For example, you may want to play music from your media player through your headphones while having game audio come through your speakers.

By using Audio Router, you can select the audio source or application and choose the desired output device for that specific audio stream. It provides a flexible and customizable way to manage your audio routing preferences.

It’s worth noting that there are different software applications available that offer similar functionality under different names. Some popular alternatives to Audio Router include Voicemeeter, Virtual Audio Cable, and CheVolume. Each of these applications may have its own unique features and user interfaces, but they serve the general purpose of managing audio routing on your computer.

Software link:-Audio Router Software

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