What is 8GadgetPack software ?

8GadgetPack is a third-party software program for Windows operating systems that enables the use of desktop gadgets. Gadgets are small, customizable applications that provide quick access to information and perform specific functions, such as displaying the weather, monitoring system resources, or showing a clock.

8GadgetPack was developed for Windows 8 and Windows 10, as Microsoft discontinued the official support for gadgets in Windows 7. The software allows users to bring back the familiar gadget functionality and provides a collection of various gadgets to choose from. It essentially emulates the functionality of the Windows Sidebar and allows you to add gadgets to your desktop.

it is designed to help you bring more functionality to the table. You’ll be able to get some of the most popular gadgets out there and install them even on Windows 8, which can enhance your experience with this operating system.

In addition to the gadgets we’ve just mentioned, there are also several tools that you can use to help you improve your life and your experience with this operating system.

There’s the Google Search bar and the Youtube tools that will enhance your experience. There are also several monitoring options, a better recycling bin, and several other features.


8GadgetPack is an essential collection of 49 gadgets to help you get more out of your operating system. It is meant to help you have a better experience with Windows.

Software Link:- 8GadgetPack

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