Sophos XG Firewall: How to backup and restore a configuration

This article describes how to create and restore backups on a Sophos XG Firewall. We advise you create backups on a regular basis so if the system fails, you can quickly get the system back to a previously saved state. Taking backups of the configuration before making any major changes to the system is a best practice. 

  • Higher firmware versions cannot be restored on lower firmware versions, you must update first then restore.
  • The Sophos XG Firewall importing the backup file must have the same or higher number of ports than the device the backup was created on.
  • The admin password is not stored in the backup and will not be overwritten by a backup restoration.
  • All certificates are included in the backup.
  • The HA configuration is included in the backup.
  • If a backup with HA configuration is restored on the primary device, it will restore the configuration and then reboot the primary device. It will then restore the configuration to the auxiliary device and then reboot the auxiliary device. HA will be restored automatically and no additional configuration is required. Note: No failover will take place during the backup restoration. This will cause downtime.
  • If a backup with HA configuration is restored to a new device or a factory-reset device, HA will be disabled for that device. You need to run through the whole HA configuration process again.

सबसे पहले xg firewall device login करिए इसके लिए अपने browser पर ” https://your-xgfirewall-ip:4444″ type कर enter press करें इसके बाद user और password डालें

login होने के बाद left side मे “backup& firmware” पर click करें

उसके बाद backup mode select करें backup prefix मे कोई name डाल दें frequency select कर लें उसके बाद backup now पर click करें अगर backup को local system पर download करना हो तो download पर click कर दें

Note:-अगर कभी backup restore करना हो तो ऊपर दिये हुए pic मे नीचे browse show हो रहा होगा downloaded backup को select कर upload and restore पर click कर दें आपका बैकप restore हो जाएगा

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