Most useful Notepad++ Keyboard Shortcuts keys

notepad++ एक text editor और source code editor है जिसे  Don Ho ने September 2003 में develop किया था ये tabbed editing को support करता है मतलब single window में कई सारी files को एक साथ open कर काम कर सकते हैं

keyboard shortcuts are :-

To open file : Ctrl + O

Close current file : Ctrl + W

To Copy : Ctrl + C

To Cut : Ctrl + X

To Paste : Ctrl + V

To Undo : Ctrl + Z

To Redo : Ctrl + Y

Select All : Ctrl + A

Open Run Dialog : F5

To close Notepad++ : Alt + F4

Duplicate current Line : Ctrl + D

Delete current Line : Ctrl + L

Switch the current line position with the previous line position : Ctrl + T

Open GoToLine Dialog : Ctrl+G

Toggle Full Screen Mode : F11

Next Document : Ctrl+Tab

Previous Document : Ctrl+Shft+Tab

Move Current Line Up : Ctrl+Shft+Up

Move Current Line Down :Ctrl+Shft+Down

Collapse the Current Level :Ctrl+Alt+F

Undo collapse the Current Level :Ctrl+Alt+Shft+F

Search and find shortcut keys

To open Find Dialog : Ctrl + F

To open Replace : Ctrl + H

To find Next value : F3

To find Previous value: Shft+F3

Find in Files : Ctrl+Shft+F3

Select and find next search value : Ctrl+F3

Select and find previouse search value : Ctrl+Shft+F3

Incremental Search : Ctrl+Shft+I

BookMark Shortcut Keys

To Toggle Bookmark : Ctrl+F2

Next Bookmark : F2

Go To Previous Bookmark : Shft+F2

To Zoom in and out

Zoom in : Ctrl+(Keypad+) or Ctrl + mouse wheel up

Zoom out : Ctrl+(Keypad-) or Ctrl + mouse wheel down

Restore the original size from zoom : Ctrl + (keypad /)

Words Operations

Delete to start of word :Ctrl+BackSpace

Delete to end of word : Ctrl+Delete

Delete to start of line :Ctrl+Shft+BackSpace

Delete to end of line :Ctrl+Shft+Delete

To use in Macro Operation:

Play recorded macro :Ctrl+Shft+P

Start to record /Stop recording the macro :Ctrl+Shft+R

Style Options

1st Style to 5th Style: Ctrl + Shift + 1 to Ctrl + Shift + 5

Search style : Ctrl + Shift + 0

Convert to lower case :Ctrl+U

Convert to UPPER CASE :Ctrl+Shft+U

To Comment or uncomment Keyboard shortcut

Block comment/uncomment :Ctrl+Q

To stream comment :Ctrl+Shft+Q

Other Important Keys

Column Mode Select : Alt+Shft+Arrow keys \ Alt + Left mouse click

Open CallTip ListBox: Ctrl+Space

Open word Completion ListBox: Alt+Space

Tab (selection of several lines) : Insert tabulation or space

Remove Tabulation or Space :Shft+Tab (selection of several lines)

Fold All :Alt+0

Unfold All :Alt-Shft-0

Collapse the Level (1-8) :Alt+(Number 1-8)

Uncollapse the Level (1-8) :Alt+Shft+(Number 1-8)

Go to matching brace :Ctrl+B

Copy current line to clipboard :Ctrl+Shft+T

Split Lines :Ctrl+I

Join Lines :Ctrl+J

Text Direction RTL :Ctrl+Alt+R

Text Direction LTR :Ctrl+Alt+L

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