ASN. 1a standard for representing simple and structured data
access pointa central base station in a bss
acknowledgementa response set by the receiver to indicate successful
active documentin the word wide web a document executed at the local site using java
adaptive delta modulationa delta modulation technique in which the value of delta changes according to the amplitude of the analog signal
add/drop multiplexera SONET device that removes and inserts signal in a path without de multiplexing and re multiplexing
address resolution protocolin TCP/IP a protocol for obtaining the physical address of the node when the internet address is known
address space the total number of addresses available by protocol
ADSL lite a splitter less ADSL this technology allow a ADSL lite modem to be pluged directly into a telephone jack and connected to the computer the splitting is done at the telephone company


AAL application adaptation layer ABM asynchronous balanced mode ACK acknowledgement ACL asynchronous connectionless link ADSL asymmetric digital subscriber line AES advanced encryption […]

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