14 Useful Ways to Reuse an Old Router

  1. Wireless Range Extender: Repurpose your old router as a wireless range extender by configuring it in “bridge” or “repeater” mode. This will help extend the Wi-Fi coverage in your home or office.
  2. Guest Network: Set up a separate guest network using your old router. This allows visitors to connect to the internet without accessing your primary network.
  3. Ethernet Switch: Convert your old router into an Ethernet switch by disabling the DHCP server and connecting devices to its LAN ports. This expands the number of available Ethernet ports in your network.
  4. Network Attached Storage (NAS): Some routers support USB ports that can be used to connect an external hard drive. Turn your old router into a NAS by connecting a storage device and accessing it from other devices on the network.
  5. Media Server: Similar to a NAS, if your old router has USB ports and supports media server functionality, you can connect a USB drive with media files and stream them to devices such as smart TVs or media players.
  6. Wireless Bridge: Transform your old router into a wireless bridge, allowing you to connect devices that don’t have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities to your network.
  7. VPN Router: Configure your old router to work as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) router. This enables you to encrypt and route all your internet traffic through a VPN service for enhanced privacy and security.
  8. Home Automation Hub: Some routers can be used as home automation hubs by connecting compatible smart devices and controlling them through a centralized interface.
  9. Dedicated Gaming Network: Set up a dedicated network for gaming by connecting your gaming consoles or PCs to your old router. This can help reduce network congestion and improve gaming performance.
  10. Network Testing and Troubleshooting: Use your old router as a testing and troubleshooting tool. You can experiment with different network configurations, test network speeds, or simulate network issues without affecting your primary network.
  11. Educational Tool: Repurpose your old router as an educational tool for learning about networking. You can explore various settings, experiment with configurations, and gain hands-on experience without the risk of affecting your main network.
  12. Wireless Print Server: Connect your old router to a printer via its USB port and turn it into a wireless print server. This allows you to print wirelessly from any device on the network.
  13. Network Time Machine: Set up your old router as a network time machine by configuring it to automatically back up files from other devices on the network to an attached storage device.
  14. Donate or Recycle: If none of the above options suit your needs, consider donating your old router to a local school, library, or nonprofit organization. Alternatively, recycle it properly to prevent electronic waste and promote environmental sustainability.

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